Taliban’s letter to congress, unfreeze Afghanistan assets to help prevent humanitarian crisis

"VAN" (Sports Desk - 18.11.2021) :: Afghanistan’s foreign ministry in an open letter to Congress said that the two sides are no more military rivals and enemies thus; freezing the assets of the Afghan people has no rationale and has to be released to help avert the looming humanitarian crisis.

The letter reads that freezing over 9 billion dollars of Afghanistan is a vivid breach of the Doha agreement and that it will overshadow bilateral relations as the two countries have the opportunity to strengthen ties.

About the international concerns, Afghanistan foreign ministry said they are well aware of the worries and added that bilateral steps should be taken in this regard.

The letter also reads that this year marks the centennial of bilateral relations between Afghanistan and the US but added that the relations were overshadowed by the two-decade war after October 7, 2001.

Afghanistan asked for good relations between the two countries and that the US can invest in the agriculture, industry, and mining sectors of Afghanistan.


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