Afghan Interim Govt Reopens Schools Except for Girls Beyond Sixth Grade

"VAN" (Afghanistan Bureau - 22.03.2023) :: The Ministry of Education of the Afghan Interim government reopened schools except for girls beyond the sixth grade on 21 March 2021 on Tuesday (the first day of the new solar year 1402).

Ehsanullah Khattab, a spokesman for the Ministry of Education of the de facto government, said on Tuesday that the new academic year for Boys’ schools and girls’ first to sixth grades started on Tuesday.

While speaking to Khaama Press, he confirmed that the schools have reopened without attending girls beyond sixth grade.

On Monday, Richard Bennett, the UN special representative for Afghanistan and a group of experts expressed concerns, saying that “the ongoing unlawful denial for girls’ right to education in Afghanistan is impacting an entire generation and the country’s future,” a statement said.

The statement added that the Taliban authorities “has no justification for denying the right to education, on any ground, including religion or tradition.”

The UN urged the de facto government to immediately reopen schools beyond sixth grade and universities for young women in the country.

Despite repeated demands by the people of Afghanistan and the international community on girls’ education and women’s work, the current administration has not changed or reversed its policies about women and girls’ fundamental rights.


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