The West practices the worst forms of media terrorism - Mikdad

"VAN" (International Desk - 21.02.2022) :: Foreign and Expatriates Minister , Dr. Fayssal Mikdad stressed that the campaign being waged by the West against Russia reminds us with those ones to which Syria has been exposed .

“We are on direct contact with the Russian Administration and we will discuss with the Russian officials the situation in Syria along with the international developments and Western escalation against Russia”, Dr.Mikdad said in an interview with Russia Today channel on Sunday.

The campaign being waged by the West against Russia reminds us with the campaigns to which Syria has been exposed during the past period as the West practices the worst types of media terrorism that aim at reducing the role of Russia in the World.

Mikdad added that the West wants to deprive the world from the balanced role that Russia plays under the leadership of Russian President Vladimir Putin ,and to put an end to the multipolarity , clarifying that the states backing terrorism for political policies are the same ones that threaten to impose sanctions on Russia.

About the future of relations between Syria and some Arab countries, Mikdad said that there are many contacts with these states with the aim overcoming the negative impacts of the past period through which these relations went due to the terrorist war on Syria and as a result of some states’ support for that war.

He underlined that some of those countries ,which were involved in harming Syria, have recently had a new awareness, adding that Syria has always been sacrificing for brotherly countries and seek to rebuild their stances and eliminate the remaining of the past.

Mikdad went on to say “ we look positively at the present and future and we are happy with the visits been paid by some Arab delegations to Damascus and with our visits to some Arab counties”.

Regarding Syria’s return to the Arab League and the possibility of its participation in the forthcoming summit in Algeria, the Minister said “the material return is not important as we haven’t felt for one minute that we were absent from the joint Arab action because Syria’s main obsession is to see Arab counties strong and solid in confronting the challenges imposed on them”.

Mikdad added that the intensity of the war that Syria has been facing has started to weaken thanks to the resilience of Syrian Arab Army and the Syrians’ solidarity with their leadership, reiterating that Syria seeks to end the Turkish and US occupations to some Syrian lands with all means.


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