Accept politics as a profession with a changed mindset for which Starex Political Academy will inculcate ethical training - VC Goel

"VAN" (Gurugram - Haryana Bureau - 13.08.2021) :: “For commemorating world youth day more than an annual ritual, the multifaceted challenges faced by the Indian youth have to be addressed for transformation as leaders in all walks of life including politics said Vice-Chancellor Starex University Prof. M.M. Goel . He was addressing the rural youth on the occasion of World Youth Day celebrated by Starex Political Academy (SPA). Dr S.L.Vasishta Registrar while delivering the welcome addressed explained the objectives of SPA under the leadership of Chancellor Mohinder Singh. Dr Seema Pehal convenor of the programme presented citation on the achievements of the Vice-Chancellor Starex University Professor M.M .Goel.

He explained the theme of International Youth Day 2021 “Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health” calling for meaningful participation of young Indians with a sense of commitment.

To avoid bemoaning the low standards of politicians including history sheeters with criminal records, we need to be motivated for encouraging political morality with honest and law-abiding youth to become politicians, emphasized the Vice-Chancellor.

Time has come when politics cannot be treated as an art and science of making excuses and doing wrong things, said Prof. Goel.

India needs ethical politicians in power and opposition who knows to debate and discuss the issues in and out of parliament, state assemblies and Panchayats without blame game told the Vice Chancellor.

The middle-class intelligent youth need to be motivated for accepting politics as a career instead of the rat race for becoming an engineer, doctor or bureaucrat emphasised Prof. Goel.

Politics has to be accepted as a profession with a changed mindset for which Starex Political Academy will inculcate ethical training, said the VC Goel.


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