People should live full-scale life, not just survive

"VAN" (Europe Bureau - Aleksey Vesyoliy) :: International conference "Strengthening non-profit organizations (NGOs) in effective social protection" was held at the site of the Latvian War Museum. The work program was attended by representatives of NGOs from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus and Russia. The main theme is the fight against poverty and strengthening NGOs. Conference is organized by the EAPN, the European Network for the Minimum Income (EMIN), the EC and the Norden.

Сhairman of the EAPN Laila Balga offers to fight against poverty decisively and start on the personal level: “Fighting poverty is the responsibility of every person.”

The topic of poverty in the whole world is very crucial, even the problem remains despite the relatively high level of well-being in the EU countries. Poverty is more visible in some countries, while in others it is less visible and mentally people do not show their poverty. Poverty makes people unhappy, limits opportunities, tears and grief, crime, ruined families .. E.g. 15% of families in Latvia could not afford to celebrate a birthday, buy gifts for children and congratulate their loved ones. And around 20% cannot afford a movie or theater ticket.

The European Minimum Income Network offers specific population support schemes that can be applied everywhere. EMIN carry out many activities against poverty, for example, there is an ongoing project of such a bus that travels to low-income areas and works directly with the population below the poverty line.

The problem affects the entire globe and it is much easier to resist poverty together with the whole world. But, here's a bad luck, almost every large organization has its own standards and perception of poverty in the EU, the OSCE and the UN are different, which is already causing chaos in the fight against poverty. And this is not to mention the national laws in each country.

Most of all anti-poverty actions are taken by civil NGOs, and not by parties or the state. But at the same time, NPOs have practically no opportunity to influence political decisions.

Conference participants noted the need for a special law for non-profit organizations, which would provide them with an opportunity for decision-making in the state.

“At the administrative level, NGOs have an opportunity to influence decisions, but not politically,” concludes Lilita Seimushkane.

“The state needs to support and strengthen non-profit organizations in the effective protection of social rights,” said conference participant and social policy expert Antonina Nenasheva from Progresīvie party, “Strong, active and independent NGOs can do much more.”

The key to solving the problem of poverty is Education and active non-profit organizations.

As a result of the conference, specific proposals were formed for both governments and the EU, the forum participants point out the need for new strategies to combat poverty that meet modern challenges.

Aleksey Vesyoliy, for VAN News from Riga.

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