NBT Launches Corona Helpline to Extend Assistance Regarding Issues Related to Mental Health and Wellness

"VAN" (Delhi Bureau - 15.05.2021) :: In order to meet the psycho-social challenges of the pandemic, the National Book Trust, India (under Ministry of Education, Govt. of India) has launched the NBT Corona Helpline to extend help to people who are in need of assistance regarding issues related to mental health and wellness during the second and more deadly wave of the pandemic in India.

The eminent Psychologists / Counsellors associated with the project are providing pro bono services to the callers on a rotational basis from 10 AM -- 10 PM on all days of the week. The team of psychologists is also assisted by a team of medical doctors to meet the requirements of medical-advice related calls. The initiative of the Helpline is being padded up with:-

- A series of positive and motivational coping up video messages and posters as part of the Social Media campaign to create awareness and to empower people with right kind of information and coping strategies.

- A series of webinars on various themes across different age groups and professions to engage with the youngsters, parents, teachers, professionals, senior citizens, differently-abled.

- Publishing of a series of informative pamphlets and pocket books.

- Publishing of booklets based on the data and inputs collected through the Helpline.

Psychologists/Psychiatrists/ Counsellors/Medical Doctors Associated with the Project

The Psychologists/ Psychiatrists/ Counsellors/ Medical Doctors associated with the Project (some of whom are NBT's distinguished authors), include: Dr. Jitendra Nagpal, Dr Vidhur Kaushik, Dr Neethu Krishnan, Ms.Hemlata Suri, Dr Swati Mukharjee, Dr. Harsheeta, Col Tarun Uppal, Ms. Rekha Chauhan, Ms. Aprajita Dixit, Ms. Sonie Sidhu, Ms. Payal Chaudhary, and Ms. Ruchi Chhibber.

Types of Queries Being Received and Addressed through NBT Corona Helpline:

Calls are being received regarding various issues circling around COVID-19, medical queries circling the pandemic and issues related to mental health arising from various social spheres. COVID-19 aftercare; vaccination concerns; exam stress; boredom; anxiety, and related issues.

Corona Studies Series

National Book Trust, India commenced a series of initiatives to combat COVID-19 in 2020. Following the lockdown, a set of seven books, named the “Corona Series”, were created to address the psycho-social impact of COVID-19 and the books also devised methods to address the problems brought up by COVID-19.

Helpline Numbers:-

+918800409846 (10 AM - 4 PM)
+918800409359 (4 PM - 10 PM)


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