Protests continue in Deir Ezzor against QSD Militia and US occupation

"VAN" (International Desk - 26.12.2022) :: For the fifth day in a row, protests are ongoing against the practices of US-linked QSD militia in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor, demanding its expulsion from their areas.

“Residents of al-Harmoushyia, al-Kasra, Mheimyda and Hemar al-Ali went out on demonstrations, cut the roads with burning tires, calling for expelling QSD militia and the US occupation from Syrian al-Jazeera region,” local sources told to Syrian News Agency.

Furthermore, demonstrators demanded accountability of the so-called leader of Deir Ezzor military council, Ahmad Khalil in protest against raping and killing two displaced women in the village several days ago, in addition to opening fire on demonstrators, shooting to death one of them.


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