Turkish attacks on Syrian territories will escalate situation in the Middle East - Lavrentiev

"VAN" (International Desk - 24.11.2022) :: Head of the Russian delegation to the 19th international meeting in Astana format, Alexander Lavrentiev, said that the Turkish attacks on Syrian territories will escalate the situation in the entire Middle East region.

“We attach great attention to Astana Track as we held yesterday and today a lot of consultations and separate meetings with delegations of Iran and Turkey as well as with Syria and the Syrian opposition in addition to the UN Special Envoy for Syria,” Lavrentiev said in a press conference, adding the Turkish attacks on Syrian territories coincided with our meeting in Astana affecting the progress of the talks.”

He added “we are satisfied with the outcomes of the international meeting,” describing the situation in Syria as “still difficult” in light of the existence of terrorist organizations like “Tahrir al-Cham” in addition to many “sleeping cells.”

“The stance of the United States in northeastern Syria is destructive, as it provides the separatist militias with weapons and other military equipment”, The Russian diplomat said, adding “We call on the international community to help return the Syrian refugees to their country, away from any politicization.”

Lavrentiev went on to say that the aerial strikes of turkey are very regrettable and the land operation Turkey is talking about will lead to more civilian victims.

As for the Israeli recurrent attacks on Syrian lands, Lavrentiev commented “We have stressed our stance in the common communique and we categorically reject these attack which not only destroy the infrastructure, but they kill civilians.”


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