55 Hindus & Sikhs Reach India; More than 300 Hindus and Sikhs have been evacuated till now from Afghanistan

"VAN" (Delhi Bureau - 27.09.2022) :: A special flight took the last group of the Hindu and Sikh communities’ remaining members in Afghanistan to Delhi on Sunday, marking a turning point in the history of the exodus of Afghan minorities.

A special flight carrying 55 members of the Afghan Hindu and Sikh communities – 38 adults, 17 children, and three infants – landed in New Delhi, the Indian capital, on Sunday, September 25.

The final batch of the Hindus and Sikhs that were stranded in Afghanistan was evacuated, and they were in close contact with the Indian Ministry of External Affairs about it, according to Rajya Sabha MP Vikramjit Singh Sahney.

He added that 543 Afghan Sikh and Hindu families had already been evacuated to West Delhi as a result of his organization’s implementation of the “My Family, My Responsibility” program.

Sikhs have lived in Afghanistan for generations and are among the country’s oldest inhabitants. They numbered more than 20,000 families in Afghanistan until 20 years ago.

Around 700 Sikh citizens reportedly resided in Kabul and Jalalabad until the year 2020, but as the Taliban government regained power and terrorist attacks against religious minorities, particularly Sikhs, increased, they too, were forced to leave Afghanistan, according to reports in the Afghan media.

The Taliban government, nonetheless, has repeatedly stated that it will safeguard the security of all Afghan people, including the nation’s religious minorities

More than 300 Hindus and Sikhs have been evacuated from Afghanistan as a result of the humanitarian efforts coordinated and facilitated by India.


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