Research in social sciences is a donkey work requiring diligent researchers with higher EQ more than IQ - Prof. M.M. Goel

"VAN" (Kurukshetra - Haryana Bureau) :: “ The research in social sciences is a donkey work requiring diligent researchers with higher emotional quotient (EQ) more than intelligence quotient (IQ) which is possessed by the computers using artificial intelligence in present times,“ believes, ex. Vice Chancellor Professor M.M. Goel, retired from Kurukshetra University.

He was addressing online course on research methodology organised by Indian Economic Association at College of Commerce, Arts and Science Patna today (August 31) on the topic ‘Basics of Research in Social Sciences ’.

To begin the research, one has to understand its basics with accuracy, brevity and clarity constituting ABC of research, explained Professor Goel.

To concretise all the crucial findings of the research undertaken, we must learn to write the abstract with policy implications flowing from the results of the study, told Professor Goel.

To unlock the hidden aspects, we should understand, analyse and interpret the data collected with the help of statistical package of social sciences (SPSS) which is necessary but not sufficient and calls for proper analysis to draw policy implications, believes Professor Goel.

The quality of research is directly correlated with the infrastructure, commitment of the researchers and can be done by having capabilities, desire and to enjoy it, believes Goel.

To improve the quality of research, the researchers have to be street smart (simple, moral, action oriented, responsive and transparent) with commitment, told Goel.

To minimize the data limitations for research in India, there is a strong case for reducing the time lag between the collection and publication of data on socio - economic indicators and strengthen the data base for future prediction, told Goel.

Earlier Dr.Manisha Kumari coordinator of the event welcomed and presented citation on the achievements of Prof. M.M. Goel.


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