'Dare to protest in countries where Hijab is banned' - T. Raja Singh, BJP MLA, Telangana

"VAN" (Delhi Bureau - 18.02.2022) :: 'Muslims in India are causing turmoil in India following the decision to ban the Hijab in one State. They are defaming Hindutva on the pretext of Hijab. In the future, Hijab will be banned all over India. So what are they going to do ? We fully support the ban on Hijab. Hijab, burqa are completely banned in many countries such as France, Germany, Denmark, China, Sri Lanka, etc. The protesters are hanged upside down and beaten after protesting there,. Go to those places and protest', said the devout Hindu BJP MLA from Telangana, Mr. T. Raja Singh. He was speaking in the online special interaction 'Pahale Hijab, Phir Puri Kitab' (‘Hijab first, then the whole book’) organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

On this occasion, Supreme Court Advocate Ashwini Upadhyay said, “According to Article 30 of the Constitution, students can take education as per their religions at schools, Gurukuls as stated in the teachings of that religion. However, according to Article 21 of the Constitution, schools are governed by the principle of secularism, the students of all religions have to abide by it. Why do Muslim students demand Hijab to be worn by Muslim girl students in such places? Today, they are demanding Hijab, tomorrow they will make many demands such as offering Namaz, etc. in schools. It should be noted that Article 25 of the Constitution gives citizens the right to practice their religion and also gives the Central and State Governments the right to take action against those who follow inequality, immorality and evil practices”.

On this occasion, the Chairman of the Vivekananda Karya Samiti in Haryana, Mr. Neeraj Atri said, “Muslim girls who did not consider Hijab mandatory before, Toto be raised day they are feeling Hijab is more important to them than books. Hijab was not a subject earlier, today, it is created. In the past, religious fanatics used to bully on the streets. In addition to this, they are trying to impose their 'Hijab' issue with the help of some media outlets. Once the demand for Hijab is imposed in this country, Muslims will try to impose other demands as stated in the Quran. The court should also give a thoughtful decision”. Karnataka State Spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti Mr. Mohan Gowda said, “In the state of Karnataka, Hindu students are studying in schools in uniform as per rules and court orders; however, Muslim students are still coming to schools here wearing Hijab. Opponents of the Hijab are receiving death threats. The international conspiracy to make India an 'Islamic nation' by raising the issue of Hijab should be thwarted”.


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