Global cricket community invited to register for 100% Cricket webinar series

"VAN" (Sports Desk) :: The global cricket community now have the chance to be a part of the 100% Cricket “Leading the Game" webinar series as registration for episode three, 100% Dedication, is now open.

100% Dedication will focus on coaching female teams and players so that they can reach their full potential and elevate themselves on the world stage. Anju Jain​, Head Coach of the Bangladesh women​’s team and Matthew Mott, Head Coach of the Australia women’s team will join Mel Jones in next week’s webinar sharing best practice and generating new ideas to support the growth of women’s cricket.

ICC Women’s Cricket Manager, Holly Colvin is thrilled to invite the global cricket community to sign up to the webinar and is pleased of how the series has been received. “To date we have had great feedback on the 100% Cricket “Leading the Game” webinar series. With two episodes completed there has been some inspiring discussion around the growth of the women’s game with some great leaders both in and out of cricket contributing as guests.

“We are now excited to invite the global cricket community, from those volunteering at a local level to experienced cricket professionals, to join us for the Leading the Game series and register for 100% Dedication next week. It is important that during this time we are still looking for new ways to develop and celebrate the women’s game and the webinar series has done this.”

The Leading the Game series is part of the ICC’s continued emphasis on the women’s game following on from the success of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup and the launch of 100% Cricket.

Today marked the second installment of the series, 100% Performance which focused on high performance systems for talented female cricketers with host Mel Jones speaking with Dr Urooj Mumtaz Khan, Interim Head of Women’s Cricket of the Pakistan Cricket Board and Julia Price the Head Coach of the USA’s women’s cricket team.

Dr Urooj Mumtaz Khan speaking in the webinar on the importance of investment said, “In Pakistan there has been a massive paradigm shift in terms of valuing the women’s game and that has a lot to do with Ehsan Mani and Wasim Khan. It was identified early on as one of the key pillars of the PCB moving forward, aligned with the improvement that we have been able to make in the women’s game.”

Julia Price highlighted the value of the women’s game within the United States. “What I do like at the moment is having regular meetings with the USA Men’s Head Coach and Operations Director each week. There is a lot of information sharing and it has always been in the past that the assumption is that the women’s game can learn from the men’s game, but I really like the way we are working in the United States, that the men’s game is taking ideas from the female programme.”

100% Cricket provides a platform to celebrate the women’s game and bring everything fans love about the sport to life. The ICC’s pledge to bring 1 million new women and girls to the game as part of 100% Cricket will be delivered in partnership with Members.


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