Washington plunders world’s resources in exchange of its unsupported currency - Russian Economist

"VAN" (International Desk - 26.03.2023) :: The Russian economist, Aleksandr Nazarov,said that the US exploits the world countries and loots their resources.

Nazarov said on his Telegram channel: “The U.S. has increased the printing of dollar banknotes in the past years, and with this new money it bought the commodities of other countries in the world,” noting that the United States had about $0.3 trillion before the 2008 crisis. In circulation, and now it has 8.7 trillion dollars, in other words, the U.S. printed during this period 8.4 trillion dollars from vacuum, and bought real goods from other countries.

The expert considered that the American system is a modern colonial system based on looting from other countries, and the US lives at its expense and protects it, and it is now fighting against Russia in Ukraine, and is trying to provoke a war with China for it.

Nazarov pointed out that the US is going through an existential period, saying: “We see that each round of the crisis becomes several times more destructive than the previous one, and this is because it has a simple choice, either to collapse in the next few years and withdraw from the historical scene as a superpower, or to try to eliminate the enemies by military means.”.


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